Busch family dispute over Grant’s Farm heard in probate court

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – The six Busch siblings embroiled in a family dispute were in court Tuesday as they try to resolve an ownership battle over Grant’s Farm. Another day in the courtroom brought no resolution. It appears there won't be further action in the case until mid-May.

The judge will attempt to instruct Wells Fargo as to how it should handle the Busch family trust. The judge will not be choosing between Billy Busch's plan and the plan being offered by four of his siblings.

The sibling plan would separate Grant’s Farm from the family’s real estate holdings. They wanted to sell the 281-acre farm to the Saint Louis Zoo, but the zoo withdrew its bid last month, in part due to the despite.

Billy Busch has said he wants to keep the popular animal attraction in the family and made a counteroffer of his own. Billy made an offer of $26 million, with an additional dollar tacked on just to beat out his siblings.

Billy also offered another $8 million to purchase the Busch Family Estate, located on the farm property.

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