Election director suspended over municipal election blunder

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KPLR) – Changes are coming for personnel in the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners.

Tuesday the Board of Elections Directors suspended St. Louis County Elections Director Eric Fey (Democrat) for 2 weeks without pay for the election blunder.  A program coordinator was suspended for one week.

Earlier this month the election board was caught by surprise by not having enough paper ballots at 60 polling stations in St. Louis County during the April 5th municipal elections.  The shortage caused long lines and delays in voting.  Voters at some precincts were denied voting because hey didn’t have any ballots.  The board did rush out paper ballots to some of the polling stations affected.

Attorneys for the board and some voters did file suit to keep polling stations open till 9 pm.  They were initially rebuffed till a judge on the Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District ordered polls to stay open till 9 pm.

Election officials later said only 10 people were able to vote during the extended hours.

In a hearing held in Jefferson City last week, both elections directors for the board appeared before a house committee and were grilled over the mistakes made in the election.

The directors partly blame the Missouri legislature for moving the Missouri Presidential Primary to March 15th, causing a short turn around between the primary and municipal elections making it impossible to reprogram the touch screen machines.

Another problem was that board workers failed to check the number of ballots printed for each precincts.


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