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Clayton woman offers reward for treasured ice skates

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) - On March 28, 2015 Patty Buskuehl parked her car on Northwood Avenue in Clayton.  She woke up the next day to find her car window busted, clothing and paperwork gone and a black bag with a special pair of Harlick ice skates missing. Buskuehl who always dreamed of going pro had the skates specially made more than 30 years ago and carried them throughout her life.

After surviving breast cancer and a recent car accident she used skating as part of her healing process. During a desperate search she posted signs throughout the DeMun neighborhood, she also went to resale stores and pawn shops with no luck.

'I`ve been searching for them for a year. It was heartbreaking to have them taken especially since I had gone through a lot recently and they were one of the last belongings that I had tied to my life. Skating in them was aligning my body back to where it was before the car accident torqued my pelvis.' Said Buskuehl.

Now with a little luck Buskuehl is hoping to get her size 7 ½ b skates back and is offering a reward to get them back.

'They were irreplaceable, my skates are somewhere in St Louis and they are a part of me.' She said

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