Missouri man blames casino for stolen $70K Car

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North Kansas City, MO – Trust and business are two things a KCK man claims Harrah’s Casino lost after he says a valet handed over the keys to his $70,000 car to the wrong man.

John Lopez was watching his brother, Dominique Garcia, fight inside the North Kansas City casino while he says the keys to his Audi A7 were handed over to a man claiming to be his son-in-law early Saturday morning.

“I was extremely upset,” said Lopez. “I don’t understand how it can happen.”

Lopez’s grey Audi isn’t a stock vehicle. He’s spent years customizing and fine tuning the paint, wheels, windows and lights.

“Being without my car sucks, all the custom work I’ve done to my car,” said Lopez. “It sucks if I have to buy a new car if my car doesn’t come back in good shape.”

KCTV5 News made more than a dozen phone calls to casino staff to understand how an employee could have given away Lopez’s keys to a crook.

Harrah’s staff refused to respond to our emails and phone calls Sunday. KCTV5’s last conversation with a man in the security office said to, “call back (Monday) during normal business hours.”

A Harrah’s manager called Lopez back on Sunday.

“They apologized to me today which is a start because they didn’t (Friday),” said Lopez. “They pretty much just shooed me away like it was my fault my car was stolen or given away for that matter.”

KCTV5 went digging online, uncovering another car theft at Harrah’s on crime reports.com the day before Lopez says a valet handed his car over to a stranger. It’s unknown if the crimes are related.

If you see the customized grey Audi, please contact the North Kansas City Police Department at 816-274-6013.

By Dave Eckert, KCTV

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