Illinois police find missing Jersey County couple; husband in custody

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JERSEY COUNTY, IL (KPLR) – “Relief” is the word to describe the situation in Jersey County, Illinois, after a couple, in the middle of a contentious divorce, goes missing.

Tracie and Jonathan Trexler vanished Wednesday and so did their vehicles.

She was reported missing first, after failing to pick up their kids after school.

It all came to an end Thursday afternoon when police found the couple about 30 miles northwest of Jerseyville in a rural part of Calhoun County. The couple was discovered in a camper on a farm owned by a friend.

Mrs. Trexler came out right away, but Mr. Trexler refused for about 90 minutes until police finally persuaded him, through negotiations over a loudspeaker, to end the standoff.

The break in the case came when officers found Mrs. Trexler’s vehicle about a mile from the house the couple used to share in Godfrey before Mr. Trexler moved out.

“Once we found (her vehicle) we knew we were looking for (his) truck,” said Jersey County Sheriff Mark Kallal. “We already had information about this property in Calhoun. We went in and talked to the owner and he gave us permission to search and found (Mr. Trexler’s) truck there, hidden in a pole barn. And that is when we furthered our search and found them.”

Neither of the Trexler’s appeared to be injured. It was unclear Thursday evening whether charges would be filed.

It was also unclear whether force was involved in the disappearance.