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Former President Bill Clinton stomps for Hillary ahead of Missouri Primary

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BRIDGETON, MO (KPLR) – Former President Bill Clinton came to St. Louis Tuesday to rally supporters for his wife. Hillary Clinton will be on the Missouri and Illinois presidential primary ballots in one week.

He spoke to a crowd of Democrats at the Machinists District 9 union hall in Bridgeton.

Mr. Clinton spent about half his speech talking about the successes of his administration and reassuring people the United States is capable of regaining prosperity for everyone. He said as President his wife would create more jobs and higher wages through a major investment in modernizing the nation's infrastructure and building more solar and wind power facilities.

Speaking to students, many of whom have eagerly supported her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton said Hillary would change the rules for college debt. She wants to allow debt holders to refinance their college loans and lower their interest rates. Clinton said "if you do it today 25 million young Americans would save an average of $2,000 interest on their debt.”

The former president made no mention of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. However he noted Hillary believes there is a need for police reform as well as a need for police. He referred to the shootings in San Bernardino, California where officers risked their lives to save people. He urged a return to more police on the street who are capable of creating community resolutions to issues.

Clinton told the crowd of about 300 to 400 "the real reason to vote for her is she is the best change maker I ever saw. Everything good she did in Washington she managed to get Republican support for. "

One supporter in the crowd said "I think Hillary will take care of drunk in a New York minute”.

She believes she has the ability to get things done, another supporter was happy with the fact Clinton spent half the time talking about his previous accomplishments she sees an advantage to having both of them in the White House.

A high school student preparing for her first opportunity to vote said she was "thrilled "when former President Clinton discussed income inequality because she had debated the topic in school Tuesday.

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