Bizarre case of stolen SUV, now has victim wanted for theft

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – There’s been a big twist in the bizarre case of a stolen SUV.

A man initially thought to be a victim, possibly murdered is now wanted for the crime.

He’s been spotted repeatedly, alive and well, driving the stolen SUV.

Shawn Holland still calls the 2001 silver Chevy Suburban his “baby”.

He bought it with money his mother left him when she passed away in the fall, he said.

February 10, he pulled up to the Six Star Market at Riverview and McLaran in North St. Louis.

His friend remained in the SUV while he went inside.

When he came out his SUV and his friend were gone.  He’d left his phone in the vehicle, too.

Later, his wife started getting threatening text messages from his phone.

“They ditched my friend, probably killed him, he’s dead…probably left him in a ditch somewhere,” Holland said, looking at the messages.

Now Holland believes his friend was the one sending the messages.

“In the past 2 weeks I’ve seen him in the Walnut Park area 6-7 times,” Holland said.

He had the vehicle repaired after an accident in December, but it still bore tell-tale damage, Holland said.

Most recently, he saw his friend the wheel, while Holland no longer with his own transportation was on a passing bus.

“It was Goodfellow and Ridge.  We made actual eye contact.  I don’t know if he saw me, by me being on the bus.  But I saw him.  I saw his eyeball sockets,” Holland laughed.

He said he’d been taking a bus or walking everywhere he needs to go; at times even walking to classes to earn his certification as a welder with Iron Workers Union 8 miles each way.

“Catch bus or try to walk.  God gave me two legs to walk and I have stand on my own two.

That’s what my mom taught me to do, that’s what I’m going to do,” Holland said.

Police have identified Holland's friend and have listed him as "wanted".

They're not releasing his name or photo.  The SUV has been spotted repeatedly in the Walnut Park area of North St. Louis.  If you see it, call police.

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