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Woman who survived power line falling on car talks to KPLR 11

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - The woman who survived a power line pole falling on her car talked with Fox 2 News about the frightening incident. It was a snowy and windy storm that hit St. Louis on Wednesday.

The strong winds knocked down power lines and poles, one of which came very close to injuring—or even killing—36-year-old Laquana Johnson.

“It was the scariest day of my life,” she said.

The accident happened at Interstate 270 and Big Bend, and left the highway closed for several hours. Johnson first saw power lines sparking and then the entire pole smashed onto the hood of her vehicle.

“It was just a loud boom and my car shook a little,” she said. “I saw sparks, ‘Dear God, please protect me,’ because I thought it was going to blow.”

Even though experts normally advise against it, Johnson got out of the vehicle. Had the car been electrified, she could have died. But she feared the vehicle was going to blow up or catch fire.

“In an emergency situation, the preferred method when it’s on fire (and) you need to exit the vehicle is to jump free and clear of the vehicle so you aren’t touching the ground and the vehicle at the same time,” said Captain Eric Hall, Des Peres Fire Department.

Not only did she survive, but her co-workers and friends at Meramec Bluffs retirement community have rushed into help. They’ve launched an online fundraising page to collect money to replace Johnson’s destroyed 15-year-old car.

“She’s wonderful. The residents love her. She has a giving servant heart she just brings smiles to many people,” said Terry Etlin, executive director of Meramec Bluffs.

“Thank God we’re not here planning her funeral, collecting funeral expenses; we’re (collecting) just a car for her,” said Susan Monroe, Laquana’s co-worker.

Laquana is grateful to her co-workers and to the many Fox 2 News viewers, who apparently were with her in spirit on that horrible day.

“I did look on Fox 2’s website and saw that everybody was praying they saw what happen I thank everybody for praying,” Laquana said.

Ameren Missouri said Laquana Johnson is welcome to file a claim for her losses. Firefighters believe the power was cut by the time she got out of the car; she believes God has a plan for her.

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