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Pay problems for the Brooklyn Police Department

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BROOKLYN, IL (KPLR) – Officers with the Brooklyn Police Department were still on the job Friday, even after four of them had their paychecks bounce a week ago.

Chief Calvin Hammond told Fox 2 News that new checks had been issued to the four officers. It stemmed from what Hammond called a “bank glitch.”

There were found no signs of any financial crisis at the Brooklyn Police Department on Friday, after an anonymous caller asked Fox 2 to look into the problem.

Officers were out on the street doing their jobs.

“There’s no problem. Police service is still up and running as usual,” Hammond said. “There were just a couple of officers that checks bounced because of the frozen accounts.”

February 19 paychecks for four officers bounced because of new paperwork requirements tied to funding from the State of Illinois, Hammond said.

All of Brooklyn’s 17 full and part-time officers kept working in spite of the problem, Hammond said.

With the paperwork requirements addressed and new checks issued, he expected no trouble with the officers’ next pay day, March 4.

“The accounts were frozen until the paperwork was straightened out. The paperwork has since been straightened out. Everybody’s getting paid like they’re supposed to,” Hammond said.

The chief said he's heard of at least one more department having a problem with the new paper work tied to state funding.

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