Eureka High School gym reopens after devastating floods

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EUREKA, MO (KPLR) – First a flood—and then snow—but the Eureka High School gymnasium is hosting basketball games again. The debut for the new gym floor was supposed to be Wednesday night, but school was cancelled because of the heavy snowfall.

Rockwood Schools Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost says having a basketball game again is really victory for the whole town.

“It’s a special moment, I think, to reclaim their home gym. Their home games have been at their sister schools, which are some of their biggest rivals,” Knost said.

The new year began with the flooded Meramec River spilling into the school’s athletic complex, ruining the flooring in three gyms and four buildings total.

From wrestling mats to team uniforms and football gear, everything was lost. Knost says the complex sustained more than a million dollars in damage. Insurance covered all but a thousand dollars of it. Getting the gym back in just eight weeks is more than just a boost for the students; it’s a triumph for a town sorely in need of a victory or two.

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