High wind gust from winter storm, keeping Ameren ready for problems

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KPLR) - While snow is likely the first thing you're thinking of Tuesday night, some major problems could be a result of the howling winds coming in with it.

The winds are already picking up tonight, and the idea of major gusts, combined with very wet, heavy snow, is one the folks charged with caring for our power lines don't really care for.  Ameren officials say this system moving in will likely provide a test of the tree trimming work they do year round to make sure branches aren't hanging over power lines increasing the chances of outages.  The trouble is, when you've got more than 66,000 thousand square miles of area to cover, you can only prepare so much.

Officials say their crews spent today checking their gear and they'll be on standby tomorrow if they need to start making emergency repairs.