Festus family shocked to find cancer free son’s picture on leukemia donation box

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picFESTUS, MO (KPLR) – The Sherman family says they were very upset when they saw their son’s photo on a poster claiming he had leukemia.  The family says their 5-year-old son Sam is a healthy little boy.

The Sherman’s were out enjoying dinner at the La Pachanga restaurant, and after eating they headed to the counter to pay.  That’s when Amber Sherman looked over and noticed a donation box with a photo of Sam posted over the original photo on the box.  They could not believe their eyes, because Sam does not have cancer.

The Festus family wants make sure it never happens again and that people sponsoring kids with leukemia actually get the donations.

Amber Sherman/Mother:  “I saw the picture I was upset I asked where they got it from and they were not sure where they got it from and they were not sure who put the picture they get the box attached.”

Matthew Sherman/Father:  “Pure shock...could not believe kids out there with cancer need the money…is it a hoax...my son’s picture on there…how did my son get into a restaurant and then have a date on the back of a picture and he was not born yet.”

FOX 2 talked with the manager of La Pachanga restaurant and he's not sure who posted the photo on the charity box; saying someone maybe playing a prank, but once the mistake was discovered the photo was removed.

The manager says all of the money collected goes directly to the Leukemia Society