C3 Fitness: Kettle Bell workout

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- It's Tuesday and Cason from C3 Fitness stopped by with some workout tips for a healthier you. Today he showed John Fuller the Kettle Bell Workout.

Directions for 1-4: Even though these exercises incorporate added resistance, they can be done for HIIT.

Cason advises us to perform all exercises for one minute each with a light enough weight to ensure proper form. (Since you should be moving through them pretty quickly, you'll want a lighter weight than you may use for a typical strength training session.)

In between each exercise, you will perform 30 seconds of mountain climbers or jump squats. Rest no more than 15 seconds in between each exercise.

After completion, rest.

1. Kettle bell swings over head( 1 min)
30 sec mountain climbers

2. Kettle bell jumping jacks (1 min)
30 sec jump squats

3. Kettle bell burpee with up right row (1 min)
30 sec pushups

4. Kettle bell squats (1min)
30 sec up up down planks

For more information from Cason visit: c3fitness.net

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