Warming shelters opened in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - If it wasn't the 20 degree temperatures reminding you that it is still winter than maybe it was the 20 mile per hour wind.

These temperatures are expected to stick around until Wednesday.

That prompted the City of St. Louis put into effect their cold weather operations, which means increasing outreach and shelter capacity for people to get off the streets and into somewhere warm.

"We have outreach teams that go out and actively look for people that maybe don't know about our shelters and try to bring them indoors because right now it is unsafe for anyone to be outside," said Irene Aguistim the Chief Program Manager with the city of St. Louis homeless services division.

The shelter has been open for at least 10 nights this winter which they say so far is not too bad.

"I know last year where we were open consecutively 19 days so we are blessed we don't have to be open that much but we are here to make sure people are safe," said Aguistim.

Tonight 200 cots provide a break from the elements and a warm place to sleep.

"People are very grateful for our ability to have extra bed capacity they are very grateful to see volunteers that care and will outreach to them and so it is a live saving measure in our community and I know it doesn't go unnoticed," said Aguistim.

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