St. Louisans react to Crouppens ad slamming Stan Kroenke

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ST LOUIS (KPLR) – Of all the commercials seen during Sunday`s Super Bowl, the one that has St. Louis buzzing is the thirty-second spot by local lawyer Terry Crouppen, who wanted to have his day in the court of public opinion to express his outrage at the departure of the St. Louis Rams.

"It really felt good, yeah,' Crouppen said in an interview with FOX 2 News.

In the spot, Crouppen calls out Rams owner Stan Kroenke, saying even though moving the Rams is legal, that doesn`t make it right.

'It was something I think had to be said and it seems like a lot on my fellow St. Louisans agreed with me,' Crouppen said.

And they do.

'I think he spoke what everybody else in St. Louis was thinking,' said sports fan Matt Mueller.

The reaction to Crouppen`s thirty second jeremiad has been bigger than he ever imagined.

He even took a call for an interview from the BBC.

'Usually, when you do anything the comments you get are a mixed bag but these have just been the nicest,' Crouppen said.

Crouppen won`t disclose the cost of the air time except to say it was very expensive.

But he also says it was worth it.

'I really hope someplace Stan is wiping his head with his toupee and saying, `wow maybe I did the wrong thing,`' Crouppen said.

'I don`t think so but it would be nice,' he said.

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