Hacienda restaurant aids officer injured in the line of duty

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ROCK HILL, MO (KPLR) - The owners of a Rock Hill restaurant are doing what they can to help a police officer who was struck by a car yesterday while on duty.

Hacienda owners are donating proceeds from gift card sales between now and Sunday to help Officer Steven Sperber.  Sperber was injured Sunday when he was struck by a car that then left the scene.  Rock Hill officials say it is the same car that then crashed nearby.

Hacienda owners say they realize they're giving up gift card proceeds from Valentine's week.  And they hope it helps.

"You know we hope there  are people that will come here and find a way to give and we're happy to be able to give, too," said co-owner Alex Rodriguez.  "I think we get it back ten-fold.  It's like anything-- you give a little, you get a little."

Rock Hill officials say Officer Sperber remains hospitalized with head injuries.  He is in stable condition.  Officials say at the time Sperber was struck, Rock Hill Police were not in pursuit of a vehicle.  City Administrator Jennifer Yackley said she expects charges to be filed against two adults who were in the car.

GoFundMe: Officer Sperber Road to Recovery

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