Public concern voiced over deer livings on Boeing missile plant grounds

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR) – There are concerns about the Boeing missile plant in St. Charles but not about missile contracts or job cuts.

People are concerned about deer on the property.

People say more than a dozen deer are behind the Boeing fence and the animals appear cut off from the natural habitat right on the other side.

The deer walk right up to people who stop along the fence and feed them.

People who stop say they do so mostly because they're worried about the animals.  They don't like seeing all those deer seemingly "fenced in" on Bluebird Drive behind the plant.

“The last time I counted, I counted 18 of them,” said Ed Callaway, who said he’d been watching the deer for a decade or more.

People estimate there are two dozen or more behind the fence.

They say one died this winter and was left for birds to feed on.

Deer watchers say the deer jump the fence where the ground is high on the outside but too low on the inside, so it’s a one-way entrance.

“Right over here, a real high spot, they could jump in there, but they could not jump back out,” Callaway said.

“It’s sad,” said Nicole McInturff, who said she often stopped to see the deer with her grandmother.  “[It’s sad] that they’re stuck back there and can’t be out in the woods,” she said.

“I think they should be let out.  Let them out and see if they go…not keep them behind a little cage.”

She worries the deer are cut off from the habitat surrounding the Boeing plant where people see deer roaming all the time.

But a Boeing spokeswoman tells FOX 2 Boeing works with the Missouri Department of Conservation to monitor the deer.  Boeing has released deer from the property in the past but there is currently no need to do so.

“They look about like any other deer.  I deer hunt all the time.  They look healthy,” Callaway admitted.

Boeing released a statement saying,

“The Boeing St. Charles site is located on approximately 40 acres of property, about half of which is undeveloped. Boeing partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to determine that measures to remove deer are not required at this time and will continue working closely with the MDC to monitor the deer population on site.”

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