Why the amount of traumatic brain injury cases in Missouri is rising

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Traumatic brain injury cases in Missouri are on the rise and medical support and resources are not keeping pace. In fact, an estimated 118,000 Missourians are living with long-term disability due to a TBI

There's been a spotlight on traumatic brain injuries for football players at all levels of the game. Military service members also deal with them. Why is the number of injuries going up for people in the Show Me State?

Every year in Missouri, more than 1,300 people die and more than 12,000 people are treated at an emergency department or are hospitalized due to a traumatic brain injury. Many more people sustain a TBI but go undiagnosed and untreated.

An estimated 5.3 million men, women, and children are living with a permanent TBI-related disability in the United States.

More information: www.KentuckyOneHealth.org/specialties

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