Protecting our four-legged friends from ice and snow

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) - On the dinner table, salt is the seasoning that some prefer. But on the streets and sidewalks of St. Louis, it can be hard on the paws.

KTVI viewer Jenny Agnew sent in video of her boxer Tony trying on his Pawz. Rubber pads like these are selling like hotcakes on a cold January day at Lola & Penelope’s in Clayton.

“Yeah, in fact we’re selling out,” says Carol Will, owner of Lola & Penelope’s. “So we’re ordering more. Every winter around this time of year, people come into solutions for these issues.”

Latex booties are big with dog and cat owners. Not so much with the cats themselves, though. But traipsing around with tiny socks or boots takes some adjustment – just ask Tony the boxer.

The tale of winter salt and salt-like solutions is peppered with a real warning for canines and felines.

“They can get it in the dog’s paw pads and that if there’s any type of open wound or cut can really sting,” Will says. “But the additional worry is that animals clean themselves, so when they’re licking their paws they can actually digest that.”

So if you're planning on playing with your best friend in the snow, it’s imperative you pause to check their paws. If they could, they’d probably give you a thumbs up for your efforts.

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