Examining ways to avoid future accidents along Highway 61

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KPLR) - A notoriously dangerous stretch of Highway 61 claimed the lives of 36-year-old Jackie Faudi and her daughters, six-year-old Autumn and seven-month-old Kaydance. Now major highway safety updates for the area are being talked about.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has a project in place to change five intersections along Highway 61.  They are expected to started work on this in summer 2017.

Meanwhile, Moscow Mills Mayor Mike Clynch said that plan is not the long-term answer for this highway. He’s been meeting with the mayors of Troy and Wentzville to come up with a solution for the entire highway.

"What we would like to have eventually is have this at interstate status to be able to close the crossovers, add outer roads, have one or two overpasses," Clynch said.

There is also no median between the two directions of the highway. Clynch said they have considered cable barriers as a median, but that would also just be a temporary fix.

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