MoDOT snow plows involved in several crashes with cars

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The damages were piling up for MODOT after the first snow storm this year. At least three of MODOT’S plow trucks were involved in accidents despite all the warnings to give the trucks plenty of room.

Fortunately, the highway department said no one was injured. The car and plow truck accidents happened across the St. Louis area.

Sandy Baron saw the way people were driving when she was out and about, “People were going way to fast and way too close.”

In some cases cars were following too close or passing plow trucks. Mark Croarkin works for MODOT. He said, “You think man that snow plow is going way to slow I’m going to get around it, it’s not a good idea.”

Johnson Flores said he didn’t drive until the roads were clear, “You have to follow the rules and stay away from those trucks.”

State officials are concerned about their own employees’ safety and welfare, but they also know the drivers and their cars will likely be the ones to lose in a crash involving a heavy truck. Croarkin said, “People think I’ll save a little time and I’ll take the risk. It’s just not worth it.”

Driver Ken Merlo added, “Everybody’s in a hurry to get nowhere quick.” When a truck is hit, it’s taken off the highways, which means some roads may not get plowed and other people could get injured getting into accidents on slippery highways.

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