Girl worries about being kidnapped again while walking to school

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A 12-year old girl is speaking out about a terrifying incident. A man attempted to kidnap her while walking to school. She was able to get away but not before the man dragged her into a vacant house. Now she has to walk back by that house every time she goes to school.

Adriona Womack, 12, was walking to Clay Elementary School when a man started following her, asking if she would help him find his cell phone

"First he told me, 'Can I go in this house to get his cell phone.' I ignored him the first time. Then he got closer and I said, 'no.' After I said no he said, 'We are going to get my cell phone' and he took me in the house." said Adriona Womack.

Adriona says he started calling for another man who must have been in the house. That is when she got away.

"When he turned around to call somebody else's name he loosened my hand up some, and I ran." said Adriona Womack.

John Billingsly, 48, is now charged with child kidnapping.

Adriona's mother Tamika Roberson worries it could happen again.

"Like 85% of these children walk to school. They are very young children. The day we found the guy he was back at the same house that he took Adriana from." said mother Tamika Roberson.

Roberson is frustrated by what she calls a lack of security for students. "They don`t have security guards. They don`t even have crossing guards here to keep these children safe. They didn`t send out an alert to alarm the other children`s parents no parents knew about the incident until you aired in on the news."

Adriona has some advice to fellow students. "Be careful walking to and from school."

When I talked to the school district about this incident they said they take all security incidents very seriously. Adriona lives less than a mile from school and is not eligible for bus services.

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