Cardinals’ $100,000 ‘vapor dogs’ beef up security at Busch stadium

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The Cardinals Winter Warm-Up isn't just about baseball, it's also about security. Man's best friend is playing a major role in helping to sniff out danger.

Thousands of fans attending the Cardinals Winter Warm-up got a chance to meet their favorite player and learn more about the four legged officers that provide extra security at Busch Stadium.

Traditional bomb sniffing dogs can find explosives in stagnant places like trash cans, boxes, and suitcases. But two highly trained animal, called vapor wake canines, can detect whether someone is carrying a bomb hidden in their coat or backpack as they are moving.

The Labradors can pick up the scent of air-borne bomb particles and follow it. The goal is to lead police to the bomber before the device goes off.

The animals' sense of smell is incredibly sharp and strong. They can detect an odor from an explosive device, minutes after the carrier has left the area.

The dogs, purchased by the St. Louis Cardinals for about $100,000, undergo training every day.

When they're not working at the ballpark the canines work with St. Louis City and St. Louis County Police Departments.

They provide an extra layer of security throughout the city and county, and at Busch Stadium.

The dogs are working out so well that the Cardinals are in the process of buying a few more to help beef up security.

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