Softball in the winter for a good cause

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - As the snow fell and temperatures plunged Sunday morning; one very large group of St. Louisans scoffed at the weather.

The weather wasn’t fit for sports outside; by tell that to the players Sunday that braved the winter weather to play in the Snowman Softball tournament in Forest Park.

You have to really love softball to play outside today, but there they were taking part in two days of games all day when the wind chill goes diving for zero.

It's an annual roll of the dice for these players. There are ninety teams on the fields. They call it the snowman softball tournament, and for the last six years they've been playing, no matter the weather, to benefit the police athletic league.

The rules of the game are all the same, it's just the uniform, anything warm you can find and the amenities, a nice fire behind home plate.

But some will tell you this cold weather game is a breath of fresh air.