You Paid For It questions Regional Sports Authority over $16 Million it spent on failed stadium proposal

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The You Paid For It Team questioned the head of the St. Louis Regional Sports Authority that met Wednesday.

The Authority spent $16 million dollars on architects, consultants, designers and lawyers who worked on the unsuccessful proposed new stadium plan they had hoped would sway the NFL.

Chairman Jim Shrewsbury says the effort was worth it to give the area a shot at keeping the team.

The Sports Authority, a public agency, owns and runs the Dome and the Rams Park training facility in Earth City on behalf of St. Louis City, County and the state.

Shrewsbury says the facilities will lose money but he believes they can make up the loss revenue thru other events.

The Rams paid the Sports Authority $250,000 per game played there.

Part of that money was used to help pay off the bonds on the building.

The city, county and state pay a total of $24 million on year, with the lions share going to pay off the bonds.

Taxpayers still owe about $100 million dollars on the Dome that won't be paid off until 2021.

Shrewsbury doesn't expect the governments to have to kick in more to make up the loss of the Rams money.

As for Rams Park, Shrewsbury says one options is to sell it but no decision has been made yet.

The Rams paid the Sports Authority about $25,000 a month in rent for the use of the facility.

He says he's disappointed that things turned out the way they did for St Louis, but he insists the NFL didn't give the St. Louis proposal a fair shake.

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