Eureka aids pizza restaurant closed by flooding

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EUREKA, MO (KPLR) - Local community members hit by the devastating flooding last month are trying to pitch in an help each other rebuild.

And that's especially true in hard hit Eureka.

A pizza is more than a pie in Eureka it`s a slice of the community.

Lasalle Springs is both a national school of character and a leader in Me school.

So we felt it was important to if we`re going to talk the talk, walk the walk.

And Wednesday at midday they placed the call for carryout.

Just some teachers getting takeout, about 30 pizzas from Joe Boccardi`s that had been closed due to the devastating flood recently.

Debbie Brandt/Principal LaSalle Springs Middle School:  “We`re always trying to promote service learning with our students and caring for others and we want our kids to know that we as a school support each other but we also support our community”.

The educators came together to help the restaurant that reopened in a tent in their parking lot while a two month renovation is underway.

Mario Boccardi/Co-Owner Joe Boccardi`s restaurant:  “It surprised us the support.  When we did this I was a little nervous it wasn`t going to be a big success so I’d just be spending more money and wasting more cause the rebuild is going to be very expensive”.

Eureka is a great community and just helping everyone out is just stronger than any I’ve seen.

At LaSalle Springs there are signs everywhere reminding all of what it takes to be an upstanding individual when the waters get deep around you.

Michele Forrest/Language Arts 6th grade teacher:  “Sometimes you just have to take a stand and do what is right and be the leaders and people of good characters because we have a lot of young people that look up to us and we want to make sure we`re doing the right thing”.

On this Wednesday, we`re reminded that life should not be estimated exclusively by the standard of dollars and cents.

Seeing firsthand the change that life throws a community and how they respond...well, that truly makes some dollars and sense.

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