Major roadways become gridlock nightmare after flood closures

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – It looked like rush hour along Interstate 270 for about five hours Wednesday evening, as road closures in the St. Louis area squeezed enormous levels of traffic onto a small number of highways.

The highways that were open to traffic were bumper-to-bumper, and the surface streets that people turned onto in bad traffic were—in some cases—worse. Lindbergh Boulevard in particular was a nightmare, with a trip from Manchester Road to Tesson Ferry taking nearly three hours, according to one driver. The stories like that were countless among drivers looking for alternatives around closures on Highway 30, Highway 21, Highway 141, and Interstate 44.

The bit of good news is that fewer people are expected to be on the road Thursday because of New Year’s Eve. However, the closure of I-55 could make commutes even worse.