Emergency sandbagging efforts in New Town in St. Charles

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR) - It's  the unthinkable in New Town: water has over-topped the canals that run through the heart of town. Dozens of homes have water approaching their back doors.

Volunteers have left piles of sandbags throughout the town for residents to pick up as needed.

The canals are all man-made. The water is pumped through them and essentially recycled.

In the 10 years of New Town there's never been a problem like this. Residents say when there's a lot of rain, the extra water is pumped into fields outside of town. Trouble is there's been more than just a lot rain. And those water collection fields are now flooded. There's nowhere for the water to go. Residents say the water went from "creeping up" yesterday to "rising in a hurry" Monday morning.

No one has been evacuated. It doesn't look it's going to come to that. One homeowner went to a hospital, the anxiety of this got to her a bit, but she's back home and doing fine. Like everyone else in the St. Louis area, she just needs the rain to stop.

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