Kansas City woman wakes up to burglar in living room

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KANSAS CITY, MO – A woman says she was fast asleep when she was unexpectedly awoken in the middle of the night to find a Grinch in her living room.

It happened about 4 a.m. Tuesday about East 98th Street and Holmes Road.

“I remember waking up to a loud boom and, after reviewing what happened, obviously he had kicked in my door and stolen a few items from my home,” said homeowner Julie Stromberg.

Gone in less than a minute were a laptop and presents from under the Christmas tree. None of that was as frightening for Stromberg as staring the crook in the face.

“It was terrifying. I didn’t have a clue if he was armed or not. I just went and hid after he screamed his profanity at me,” she said.

Despite the broken door, cut window screen and stolen goods, Stromberg said she still feels lucky.

“I was blessed that nothing happened to me whatsoever and very blessed that he left me alone, took the items and left and I didn’t have to worry about fearing for my life,” she said.

The neighborhood where Stromberg lives had gotten together to buy their own surveillance system in July. They’ve turned that over to police and neighbors are now looking to expand their surveillance to blanket the entire neighborhood even more.

By Jonathan Carter, KCTV