Family enjoys viral obituary of late technophile father

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) - Most obituaries are a brief biography of a person who has passed away. But Bill Fink’s obituary might serve as a final computer code ode for this husband and dad who loved technology.

“His youngest brother, Matt, wrote (the obituary) and I think it’s just an amazing tribute,” says Cassidy Gardiner-Fink, Bill’s daughter. “It’s exactly how dad lived his life and it was all about technology.”

“I think there couldn’t be a better way to send him off for him to go viral on Reddit and all the other websites,” says John Fink, Bill’s son. “There’s no better way to have a tribute for someone like him.”

Fink died December 16, six months after being diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. Fink’s obituary referred to “multiple cascading hardware failures as the root problem.” He was 46.

Fink was an educator and baseball coach and loved playing pranks and telling jokes.

“Whenever he first received his power port for his chemotherapy, he called me into the bedroom and said Cassidy I need to talk to you,” said Gardiner-Fink. “So I went into the bedroom and he had taped a USB cable to his chest where his power port was.”

On Wednesday, just two days before Christmas, Fink’s wife and children met at the Microsoft store in the Galleria, where this technical evangelist would preach the power of information. He served as a Beta tester for Microsoft Outlook.

“Bill was just an all-around great guy,” said Trina Claggett, Microsoft Community Development Specialist. “We would consider him not only our technical evangelist but also our friend.”

Whenever he would come into here he was like a superstar and everybody knew who he was.

Sometimes sharing the joy can help with the grieving. Maybe it's like technology and computer programs that continue to run and provide guidance long after the application is gone.