Questions asked after ham served to Cahokia students appears green in color

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CAHOKIA, IL (KTVI)-No Dr. Seuss references here, parents in the Cahokia School District are upset after they say some students were served ham that appeared to be green in color. Some say this suspicious looking lunchmeat clearly had mold on it, but the Cahokia School District Superintendent says there is nothing to be worried about

During an after school program, Cahokia School District students were given an Italian wrap. A man who saw the ham in the sandwhich but wants to remain anonymous says what he saw inside that wrap could only be one thing.

“The lunch meat was moldy… and I know how mold looks, It was molded and even the kids knew that it wasn`t right,” the man told FOX 2.

Superintendent Art Ryan says the district’s food supplier, Sodexo, has assured him that the marks on the ham are not mold. Sodexo representatives say the spots are a discoloration due to a reaction from the pepperoni or something else in the wrap.

“The meat was actually frozen the day before, so the likelihood that something could be thawed and then mold within a day is not very strong,” said Ryan.

The man who saw the ham does not believe it was any kind of discoloration.

“Everyone knows that ham is not green. There were green spots all around the edges. I mean all of it was green there wasn’t any discoloration or anything like that.”

The food for the program is government commodity. Sodexo has sent some of the ham to be tested by their quality control experts and contacted the source from the government to voice their concern.

Superintendent Ryan says there is no reason for parents to be concerned. Most of the wraps were not served or taken away from students once the strange color was noticed.

Other school districts also use Sodexho as a food distributor. News 11 has requested a list from the company of all the schools in that area that they service.

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