Rams honor fans on last Sunday game for the season

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - On Sunday Rams fans showed up for this year’s Fan Appreciation Day. As the team played their last Sunday game of the season against the Detroit Lions at the Edward Jones Dome.

Now the possibility of it being the last Sunday game ever for the Rams has fans worried.

While the team played under grey skies, the question of if the Rams will stay in St. Louis looms over tailgaters like Darren Deachan and Vince Deblaze who have been dedicated since day one.

'I`ve missed 3 games in 21 years. It’s been hard to be optimistic but we are because we are true fans I've been here since day one." said Deachan

'The fans should be recognized especially the ones who have been here through thick and thin and we've had a lot of thin around here lately." said Deblaze

The application to relocate the team to LA is due by January 4th and the Rams' fate will be decided by other NFL owners. St. Louis city aldermen will also debate the stadium bill on Tuesday with a vote expected by the end of the month.