How to keep a Christmas tree alive during the holiday’s

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Despite the crummy weekend weather, area tree lots report a steady flow of patrons coming to pick out their perfect Christmas tree.  At the Manchester United Methodist Church tree lot on Manchester Road, they sold 162 trees over the weekend – a respectable number according Ray Lembke the “Head Dude in Charge” as he calls himself.  Lembke tells FOX 2 his best sellers are Fraiser Firs followed by Balsam.

Lembke says that despite the fact Christmas is still 25 days away, you can buy your tree and put it up and expect to remain healthy through the holidays…if you take some simple steps.  “You can get ‘em now or get ‘em later.  They key is when you take a fresh cut, get the tree in water within four or five hours,” says Lembke.

Jennifer Schamber of Greenscape Gardens in Kirkwood agrees.  “As long as that tree gets a fresh cut and in water immediately you’ll be fine” says Schamber.

She also suggests you use a product like “Wilt Proff” or “Wilt Stop” on any cuttings you use for decoration, whether it be evergreen rope, or trimmed branches.  It acts like chapstick and can seal the moisture inside the leaves longer.

The potted, living trees which have become popular with some families actually have the shortest indoor life span.  Schamber says they should be brought indoors only for a maximum of a week.  They simply do not react well to the shock of going from the cold outdoors to warm dry indoors and then back outside again.