Busch siblings worry Grant’s Farm to end up as subdivision

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GRANTWOOD VILLAGE, MO (KPLR)-There are more developments Monday over the potential future of Grant’s Farm. The Busch siblings who support selling most of the farm to the St Louis Zoo say one of their brothers who wants the property could make it a subdivision.

The details on this story are laid out in our partner, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The six Busch heirs who own the farm are split over what should happen to it. The future of the property may ultimately be decided by a judge. Four of the Busch siblings support plans to sell the majority of the farm to the zoo for $30 million. However Billy Busch wants the property to stay in the Busch family and he has made his own offer to buy the farm. His brother, Adolphus Busch IV, is backing Billy’s bid.

But now two of the siblings who support the zoo sale, Trudy Busch Valentine and Andy Busch,  tell the post that they have seen housing plan maps already drawn up for the farm and they know it’s an option for any owner is times get tough.

They say Billy Busch has had a year to come up with a business plan for the farm and he hasn’t done it. They also tell the post that it’s simply too expensive for one man to finance and maintain the park.

Billy Busch says he has no interest in selling part of the farm and is promising to deliver a detailed business plan to his siblings in the next few weeks. He says he didn`t do that sooner because the parties signed a nondisclosure agreement and his attorneys told him not to talk with consultants.

The case is currently in court after the four siblings who support the Zoo sale sued to try and make that sale happen. A hearing in the case is set for the end of next March