Winter weather blows through St. Louis area

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ST. LOUIS (KPLRI) - Across the St. Louis area folks woke up to snowflakes falling. For some, a welcome sight; one woman said, “We’re loving it I finally get to wear my coats my hat.”

When the snow moved out the winds picked up and the temperature dropped. Those conditions had little impact on Chaminade football fans.  One fan said, “Perfect, this is great football weather.”

Although they were sitting on metal seats they seemed oblivious to the cold, after all their team hasn’t gone this far in the playoffs in a long time, besides hot chocolate and burgers from the grill kept fans warm.

In Kirkwood gusty winds and biting cold did not seem to keep people away from the annual holiday walk. Stores like Christopher’s were packed with shoppers.  Owner Chris Thau said, “This is the time when they’re raking leaves, cleaning up the yard and all they can’t do it. So what do you do?  Go shopping, it’s Christmas time.”

It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and Christmas trees are already selling at the farmer’s market. Don Mitchell owns Summit Produce and the tree lot, “The trees love the cloud cold rain, snow and the customer love it too, it puts them in the Christmas spirit.”

He said it’s best to wait until after Thanksgiving. Fresher trees from North Carolina will be arriving.

Flags were flapping in Warson Woods, leaves danced in the streets as trees struggled to hold onto the last ones in the strong winds. So long autumn, hello winter.

One woman said, “I was excited it’s coming but now that it’s here I’m not so sure.”

Brave folks went to the zoo; apparently the frigid weather makes for a perfect visit. Dianne Williams said, “We got to see more animals and less crowds not as many people here today.”

How long will it be, before we grow tired of icy snowy days?

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