Six victims robbed at gunpoint during two hours in south St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A string of armed street robberies in South St. Louis got a lot longer Thursday night. Within two hours, six victims were robbed at gunpoint by muggers demanding their belongings.

The first incident happened just after 7:00 p.m. when Caitlin McCullum, 22, noticed a young man walking past her as she got out of her car in the 4200 hundred block of Neosho in the Bevo Mill neighborhood.

Apparently he saw her as well, noticed she was young and alone, and went back to rob her.

'He had a handgun at his side and told me to give him everything he had,' McCollum said.

'I wasn`t as afraid as I expected, but I was just kind of stunned and shocked,' she said.

About 15 minutes after that robbery, a 77-year-old man getting out of his car in the 4000 block of Miami in Tower Grove South was approached by a mugger who stuck a gun in his face and demanded the man`s wallet.

The elderly victim tried to grab the gun, but failed and took off running toward his house. The mugger told him to stop or he`d shoot, but never did.

About ten minutes after that, two suspects approached a woman in the 4000 block of Hartford, also in Tower Grove South.
One displayed a gun, and took a 26-year-old woman`s purse.

Then finally, just after 9 p.m., an armed man approached three women in the 3900 block of Dover Place in Holly Hills, and robbed them as they walked from their garage to their house.

'What`s frustrating is the vulnerability of the victims,' said St. Louis Police Department Major Dan Howard. 'We have females and the elderly,' he said.

Howard says the muggings Thursday are similar to four or five other recent street robberies in the same area.

In those previous cases, the victims, some of them women and one of them a 67-year-old immigrant, were all punched in the head.

None of the victim`s Thursday night was hurt.

'What is going to break the case is someone is going to call in, someone is going to see it and feel sick to their stomach like I do, and they are going to call in and that is what is going to spur this on,' Howard said.

The descriptions of all the suspects are pretty generic; young black men in hoodies carrying a dark colored gun.

Police say they are bringing extra officers into the area on overtime to try to find the suspects.

Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers.