City Forestry Department responds to reports of downed tree limbs

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - A stormy pattern over the past 48 hours has meant a windy couple of days with gusts nearing 50 miles per hour across the bi-state. And with those strong winds comes debris.

The Forestry Department with the City of St. Louis sent out two teams beginning Wednesday night in response to calls of downed public trees and limbs. They answered 15 calls during Thursday morning and afternoon which, according to crews, was a lower number considering they tend to some 80,000 public trees.

The department says it’s always prepared for problems that might arise during wind events and this one was no different.

A department spokesperson reminds St. Louis residents that they can take yard waste to the Hall Street composting site on the first Saturday of each month. City residents can also call the Citizens Service Bureau to report any problematic public or street trees that are down. A request for service can be made by calling 314-622-4800.