You Paid For It Teams questions County Exec. Steve Stenger about take home car

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – It’s not easy for the You Paid For It Team to get answers from St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger about a take home car he gave one of his six figure department heads for his business and personal use.

Stenger's office never got back to me on my multiple requests for an interview made thru phone calls and emails.

But investigator Elliott Davis finally caught up with Stenger in a chaotic confrontation where his security ran interference.

Stenger's Parks Director Gary Bess already gets a nearly $130,000 salary, but on top of that Stenger has given him a take home car for his business and person use where taxpayers also pay for gas and all the other expenses involving the vehicle.

The previous County Executive Charlie Dooley had taken the take home homes away from all the department heads saying it was a perk taxpayers could no longer afford.

After a number of failed attempts to get Stenger to talk, he finally did comment after being cornered by the You Paid For It Team.

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