What’s Right In Your Community honors Shirley Martin

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- A selfless salon owner won $250 to keep doing the right thing!

The nomination:

I would like to nominate my mother, Shirley Martin, for always doing right. She owns a small hair salon and has been a hairdresser for close to 50 years. Her shop consists of mostly elderly ladies, but she is such a good listener and friend to these ladies (and sometimes even their extended families). She will go pick them up and take them home if they don't have a ride, she visits them in the hospital, nursing homes, hospice care homes, etc. She will use her own money to buy things to brighten their days. One lady who lived in a nursing home kept losing her socks, because they throw everyone's laundry together. She kept buying her socks and other clothing that kept disappearing. She would visit her every Sunday afternoon & she always brought her treats, like chocolate bars, which was her favorite. She is the most giving person I've ever known. Now her very best friend in the world is in hospice at a local facility, and isn't expected to live much longer. Since her diagnosis, my mother has been to see her at least 3-4 days every week, without fail, sometime everyday. Again, she will bring her things to brighten her day, even though sometimes, at this point in her illness, she may not remember certain things. I would love for her to be chosen for this award because she gives so much to everyone around her...and maybe this will help her to be able to continue giving to those she loves so much! 

 If you would like to nominate someone doing the right thing, please click here.

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