Prominent St. Louis Mizzou alums react to resignations

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - On Mark Reardon's afternoon radio show on KMOX, he took calls about alleged racial tensions on the campus of University of Missouri-Columbia.

"I think we heard from people on both sides," said Reardon.  "Some thought there were incidents of racism that were not investigated fully by the administration, and they didn't get a proper response. There were other people who felt the administration caved."

Reardon told his listening audience he's concerned about the lack of specifics when it comes to allegations about a racially-charged atmosphere at his alma mater.

"So the main question I had today was about what systemic oppression was on campus," said Reardon.

Demetrious Johnson runs a charitable foundation that serves youth near Delmar and Union.  The Mizzou graduate also played football during his time in Columbia.

"I guess I got different emotions going on here," said Johnson.  "I'm excited about the young athletes taking the position they took.  But I'm really disappointed with the racial tension and things that are going on at the University of Missouri."

Johnson said there was similar racial tension on and around campus when he was a student there, back in the 1980's.  But he adds that students then were not in a position to do anything about it.  What changed?

Social media.

"I mean this is nothing new, with issues at University of Missouri," said Johnson.  "What we had to do was just fight through it.  The difference now is with social media.  It allowed these young folks to be more socially conscious and get things out immediately."

Johnson said he believes if administrators at Mizzou could have washed these allegations under the rug and done nothing about the alleged environment, they would have.

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