Single mother falls prey to Craigslist ad for a home

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(KPLR) - A single mom looking for stable housing hits a roadblock.  She spent over $2,000 and has nothing to show for it.  Glynnette McKinney works full-time. She`s raising four boys and they needed to move.  The house the family rented was damaged in a fire. A Craigslist ad caught the working mom's attention.  She says it was posted by Andre Lester and Ace Property Investments.  'He would find someone who wanted to sell their home. And put them in contact with someone who wants to do a lease to purchase.  Someone who maybe couldn`t qualify for financing at the time.'

After viewing this home late in late May, Glynnette says she gave Lester $2,200 in installments.  Two months later things changed and according to Glynnette it came at the worst possible time.  'I was supposed to move in on August 1st.   July 23rd he contacted me and told me the title came back for the home with a lien on it.   And that I couldn`t rent the home.'

She was told the money was in an escrow account and that it would take time to get the owner's approval to release the money.  Interestingly, Lester said he couldn`t locate the owner.   He suggested Glynnette look at other property available through his program.   How odd, they were the same houses Glynnette says were posted on Craigslist by someone other than Ace Property Investment.  'Say the home was listed for 3,000 dollars down.   He was telling me, I found you this home; it would be the same amount, $5,300 dollars, down.  So he was charging like $2,300 dollars more.'

Then Glynnette said enough is enough.  She pressed Lester for a refund.   'He sent me a notarized letter stating I would have my money on or before September 7th.   I called him September. 4th just to touch bases.  And he hasn`t answered my calls since.'

When I called Ace Property Investments, Andre Lester told me he is going to give Glynnette her $2,200 dollars back.  But days have gone by and Gynnette has heard nothing.  Looking back, the young mother says she ignored red flags. 'I just think people should be aware, and if they don`t have an office, that should be a red flag because he didn`t have an office.  He had an address but later when I looked up the address it was non-existent.   I feel like I`ve been lied to, I feel like I`ve been cheated.'

Remember use caution when using Craigslist.  If you're interested in a lease to purchase agreement on house contact a title company to check for liens.

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