Home building thefts in Fenton

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FENTON, MO (KPLR) - Bold thieves are striking in broad daylight. They’ve been stealing brand new appliances from homes under construction in Fenton.

Last week, thieves hit a house on Harbor Bluff Drive. It’s the second new home to be burglarized in ten months on the same street.

“I thought once it happened to us they would take more precautions in the future,” said one man who lives in the area. He asked not to be identified.

In last week’s theft, approximately $11,000 worth of appliances—including a double oven, microwave, stove top, and lots of other new home items—were ripped off.

“One of the police officers say that’s kind of the norm now to where they’re taking it kind of when construction crews are leaving so it doesn’t look suspicious,” said neighbor Josh Carmon.

Carmon estimated almost half of the 40 houses in the subdivision have home surveillance systems.

“A few more houses are adding security cameras and we’re doing the same unfortunately it’s going to cost a little bit more money.”

A white van was caught by a neighbor’s home surveillance system. Authorities are calling it a suspect vehicle.

“A white van was seen in the area, which would be big enough to handle the appliances,” Lt. Col. Steven Meinberg, Jefferson County Sheriff Department, said.

Authorities said it’s the kind of crime that gets worse the more the economy improves.

“Years ago, when the housing market was doing really well, we had a lot of these crimes,” Meinberg said.

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