Red wolf pack joins Endangered Wolf Center

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EUREKA, MO (KPLR) – Staff at the Endangered Wolf Center welcomed a red wolf pack from a zoo in Coal Valley, Illinois.

The pack consists of four six-month-old pups that were born in April to 7-year-old female Kai and 10-year-old male Paco.

The pack will live in an enclosure that is very visible on Endangered Wolf Center tours. The large enclosure is able to handle a large multi-generation pack, which means the parents and the pups from last year, now yearlings, will help raise any new pups that might be born in the spring.

The red wolf is critically endangered. At present, there are only 50 in the world and they are all in the state of North Carolina. There are 190 in managed care.

The Endangered Wolf Center is one of the top wolf breeding facilities in the world.