St. Louis area serial sex offender under arrest after joint investigation

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KIRKWOOD, MO (KTVI) - Kirkwood police said they’ve arrested a serial sexual offender wanted in communities across the area.

In Kirkwood the man exposed himself to several girls and a woman. Detectives from a number of departments worked together to catch the suspect who had many on edge for several months.

Kirkwood detective David Smith said, “It’s very important especially in a case like this where’s there great distances between the different venues the cooperation amongst the departments. In this case led directly to the apprehension of the suspect.”

He said Jeremiah Thiess, 38, has been connected to a total of seven incidents of exposing himself in Wentzville, south St. Louis County and the Kirkwood area.

In Kirkwood, he attracted to girls and a woman to his car by asking for directions. Then he would commit the crime.

Police say that in Wentzville, it happened in the parking lot of pet supply store. He exposed himself and offered to pay $100 for to her to watch.

In South County investigators say the suspect would also ask for directions to get women to come over to his vehicle.

Detective Smith added, “It gives some satisfaction to the resident of four communities that they can go out, they can exercise, they can walk the streets, and not have an individual confront them in the way he did.”

Many of the crimes happened during the summer months.