Naked man found sleeping in family’s home

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KPLR) - A home intruder ends up asleep in a bedroom at a Wentzville home.

The incident occurred Sunday, as a 5-year-old girl found a strange man in her bed early in the morning.

Police identified the suspect as 53-year-old Gregory Trent Cole of Wentzville.  Investigators say he is known to police and has been arrested before on assault and other charges.

Wentzville police say he entered a home on Brian Court sometime after 4 am Sunday, removed some of his clothing and went to sleep in an empty bedroom.  He was discovered about 7:20 am by the little girl who had spent the night in another bedroom with her mother and father.  She told her father there was a strange man in her bed. He called police. Investigators say they are not sure why he chose to enter that house.

Police say the suspect entered the home through a door that had been left unlocked by a family member who had let a pet out at about 4 am.

Cole is in the St. Charles county Jail facing burglary and harassment charges.  The harassment charge is because the family was fearful and experienced emotional distress.  No one was physically hurt in the burglary.