How to deal with biting and young children

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- Steve Zwolak, Mr. Z. of the Lume Institute joins us to talk about children who get bitten in school. We shout out loud to defend our child but what happens if your child becomes the biter? That situation is loaded with shame.

Mr. Z. tells us several reasons why children bite.

Children usually bite because they are in a developmental phase, which we call "holding on and letting go." This is often the underlying factor for why children bite.

Other reasons why some children bite:

They love to explore and biting is an adventure
They are teething and it so happens they like to teethe on others
They like to experience "cause and effect"
They love to imitate and mirror the actions of others
They love to get attention and biting certainly does get attention
They are extremely frustrated and do not have other ways to express their frustrations
They will bite because they are anxious

According to Mr. Z., as children develop language skills, biting diminishes. He urges parents to first stop the behavior, while understanding it because biting indicates that the child has a specific need to be nurtured.

The solution often involves giving the child love, attention and understanding, after stopping the biting as it happens.

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