Police release pictures of suspected gun thief

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - Things get stolen from cars all the time and you may never hear anything about it. In a recent St. Charles County case, a suspect stole a gun and surveillance cameras got a really good look at him, police said.

St. Charles County Police released three surveillance photos of a “person of interest” in the case.

Photo 1:  a man in a white t-shirt walking through the doors of the Rivers Edge gas station on Hwy. 67 in West Alton.

Photo 2:  the same man wearing a dark colored pullover with a Nike emblem on the front.

Photo 3:  the same man near his silver car, possibly a Dodge Avenger or Charger.

He stole a Winchester 1300 12 gauge shotgun just after 5:15 in the morning September 19, from a vehicle left unattended.

Gun owners are in a quandary about what to do if they legally carry weapons for hunting or protection.  Most gas stations, including the Rivers Edge, do not allow customers to bring their weapons into their stores.

“Obviously if they’re going to steal a weapon, they’re stealing already,” said gun owner, Tim Bearley, who gases up on that stretch of Highway 67 often.  “So it’s not like they’re law abiding citizens.  I guess you’d most be concerned if they used it to commit another crime and someone got hurt, even though I have my gun legally and own responsibly, if they would use it to commit a crime, I would feel a little remorse there.”

If you recognize this suspect, call St. Charles County Police at 636-949-3000, ext. 5440, Det. Mike Yarbrough.