Cardinals rookies go through end-of-season hazing

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – As Major League Baseball’s regular season draws to a close, teams look for ways to unwind and have a laugh at the rookies’ expense.

Enter the ‘end-of-season’ hazing period, where rookies are forced to dress in ridiculous attire and ride the team plane or make other public appearances prior to the final series of the season.

Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez snapped a picture of the rookies boarding the team plane in Speedos.

The Cardinals were not alone in their rookie hazing.

The Dodgers made their rookies dress up as professional wrestlers:

Speaking of wrestling, the Twins had to wear spandex singlets:

The Mets had their rookies wear superhero Underroos:

The Royals rookies donned orange jumpsuits for a prisoner theme: