AG Chris Koster takes legal action against Walgreens

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(KPLR) – Missouri's top attorney is tired of waiting for Walgreens Co to fix its pricing problem. Today Attorney General Chris Koster files a motion to find the retailer in contempt of court.   Koster sued Walgreens Company two years ago.  At the time the Attorney General alleged the chain displayed inaccurate or expired sales tags.  The store agreed to change its ways.  But at a press conference this morning Attorney General Koster described violations after a week-long investigation of 50 stores statewide.  His staff found over 13 hundred expired sales tags in 49 of those stores.   This comes despite the fact that Walgreens agreed to remove those tags within 12 hours of their expiration.  The contempt order asks the court to fine Walgreens 5,000 dollars for every expired tag discovered during this recent investigation. Koster says he believes the problem is rooted in negligence.  'This has become institutionalized as a marketing technique for Walgreens and it`s outrageous.  These are sophisticated companies with sophisticated computer systems and they know better.'

A spokesperson for Walgreens CO responding to the Attorney General's filing today says, ".......we will continue to work with the Attorney General's office in order to ensure pricing accuracy on behalf of consumers across Missouri. We are committed to continuing to earn our customers` trust and loyalty."

Below is a list of the 12 stores in the St. Louis area where expired tags were found.  The number of expired tags found at each store is included in the list.   Only one store in this area showed no expired tags when visited by investigators.

Walgreen Store Inspections St. Louis Area