Surveillance captures school bus crash into pond

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL - Newly released surveillance video shows a school bus full of children careening off of a roadway and into a pond in Florida Thursday.

None of the 27 elementary students on the bus were seriously injured.

But some parents are concerned about how the school district is handling safety precautions.

Chip Osowski reports.

(Sonia Sadasivam/Bus Passenger)  "Then, it started bumping up and down and it was really scary, and then we hit the side of a tree and the windows broke and then we were falling in different seats and water came in."

7-year-old Sonia Sadasivam recalls Thursday's horrifying ride -- now documented by two surveillance cameras.

One shows the bus driving towards the guard building --- seemingly speeding.

The second camera shows the bus blur by -- then splash into the water.

But take a closer look at this frame grab -- are the brake lights on?  You be the judge.

Krishna Sadasivam is Sonia's dad and calls the entire situation upsetting.

(Krishna Sadisivam/Concerned Parent)  "My concern is why are we having an old bus, why do we have inconsistent drivers?  I don't know, just like, who's running the shop here?  "

Records show the bus involved was more than 20-years old.

The driver involved had only been on the job for a few days.

School district officials contend the aging fleet of buses is safe and the driver was properly trained.

But, as a parent, how do you explain that to this second grader, who in her eyes, almost drowned.

(Sonia Sadasivam/Bus Passenger)  "And I got water in my throat and I tried to tell people that I wasn't a good swimmer and I needed help getting out but they couldn't hear me because my voice was very low because (coughs) I had water in my throat."

The school district says the bus driver has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of its investigation.